We Are Usually Asked About:

Our investment process starts with the entrepreneur(s) submitting an executive summary and pitch deck. We do an initial review of the submission and invite the team to our office if we are interested. At our office the team pitches the company and answers questions. If we like what we hear we move on to a due diligence period which includes various requests, such as company visits and documentation review. If we are pleased with due diligence the submission goes to our investment committee which votes on the investment. If approved we work with the company to finalize deal terms and structure.
We typically invest early in the company life cycle so we look to investment in preferred equity. We only consider bridge or similar convertible structures in later stage investments or if it is a bridge to IPO or other liquidity event. We do not invest in debt instruments unless there is an equity component.
We are active with some of our investments and passive with others. We never look to take over a company or guide management but rather play an active role by offering support in our areas of expertise and also opening our network to help a portfolio company succeed.
We are fully funded with no capital calls or other restrictive requirements. Therefore, we are capable of acting quickly if time is of the essence. Typical investment period, start to finish, is 30 to 60 days but we’ve closed some deals in a few days and had others take over a year.
We are most excited when a great idea meets a great management team. Key attributes of a great management team include those that are seasoned in their respective fields, motivated, driven, and relentless when it comes to hard work. A great idea is harder to define and often times dictated by whether we feel the management team has the ability to execute.
We are always looking to support the start-up ecosystem and oftentimes do so through mentoring new companies. We don’t have to be current investors or potential investors in your company to offer this support. Our door is always open and we welcome the opportunity to help in anyway we can.
We don’t offer consulting services to companies that are not part of our portfolio. For our portfolio companies, we offer discounted consulting rates if work is required that is beyond the scope of our role as an active investor.

About Us:

SJO is a private investment holding company that focuses on early stage companies with favorable risk metrics. With offices in South Florida and Dallas, and investments throughout the world, we are flexible with respect to location and sector. We place emphasis on the human relationship and believe in long term commitments. We set ourselves apart by:

  • Rolling up our sleeves and working with the companies we invest in
  • Focusing on the needs of the companies we invest in rather than ourselves
  • Offering a diverse network of mentors and co-investors
  • Believing in collaboration and understanding our role

Our investment philosophy is centered on the management team and their vision for the company. Our team is comprised of individuals who have extensive expertise in their respective fields. We utilize our diverse skill-sets and broad networks to create value that extends beyond pure capital.

Our approach is based on a wealth management platform with a focus on managing the financial complexities for successful entrepreneurs. As such, we are strategically positioned to connect successful entrepreneurs with the next generation of new companies. Whether the focus is on investment, mentorship, or simply interesting conversation, we recognize the power of connecting people and facilitating the development of key relationships.